Our Approach

Custom Innovative Solutions Are Our Specialty

Every successful company has a focus and at Johnson Laminating and Coating, our focus is your business.

We know you have product requirements and limitations that are unique to companies like yours. We also know you face the challenges of being a growing company—with needs often outstripping your resources. You have a finite budget, limited technological resources and absolutely no room for failure.

And we understand the importance of getting product to market quickly and the hectic schedule of a design engineer.

The Project Cycle

One of the greatest sources of concern customers have with regard to generating custom innovative solutions is the problem-solving process. Will it take too long and will it force us to change the way we do business?

We believe that you should be able to leverage our expertise in laminating and coating technologies to improve your business, not change your business to use our technology.

So to help make your job easier, we’ve created a Four-Step Problem-Solving Approach to streamline and refine the project cycle. Quality and ingenuity are built into the entire process, from concept to final delivery.

As a result, our customers have come to see us as partners in their research and
development efforts. We become an extension of your team, helping to expand your manufacturing capabilities.

So whether we are formulating a special chemistry or customizing an off-the-shelf product for an electronics application—our primary goal is to be a total solutions provider who meets your most demanding laminating and coating challenges.