Who We Are

Founded in 1960 in Carson, California, JohnsonLaminating & Coating started out as a specialized supplier of food and custom designed packaging. Over the years, to better meet the needs of our customers, we expanded our offerings to include the manufacture of window films, silicone coating and custom laminations for the electronics industry.

Today, our custom roll-to-roll laminating and coating knowledge of plastic films, foils
and coated paper is used in the industrial, transportation, aerospace, electronics and graphic arts markets.

So you can see that Johnson Laminating & Coating has long been committed to being the best in quality and innovation.

And we still are.

It Starts with the Fundamentals

Common to every product Johnson makes and every service we perform is superior quality and ingenuity. And it’s built into the process from the ground up, straight through project completion. It’s a deeply rooted philosophy which drives the way we do business.

Knowledgeable people, extensive research, thorough design, first-rate materials, proven techniques, efficient manufacturing and responsive customer service. All of our equipment and people are in place for one reason: to support our customers.

We Give Technology a Face

The way we see it, having the right people is every bit as
important as having the right technology and equipment. So you can talk to us about your product goals, and expect to be heard every time.

Johnson understands the unique challenges and opportunities your business faces and we design our solutions specifically to meet your needs. Rather than shoehorn a laminating and coating application made for a much larger company into your business, or overwhelm an application made for a much smaller company, Johnson’s business performance solutions offer the right mix of sophisticated flexible laminations and coating technologies to meet your product’s specific requirements.